For iPhone, iPod touch and iPad Simple yet Deep gameplay 27 Diverse and Exciting levels Lots of unlockables!

"I’m finding Sphoxie to be quite challenging, but in a good way. It makes you think before jumping off a platform, and you have to think of ways to avoid being hugged to your doom. If 3-D platformers are your thing, then you don’t want to miss Sphoxie."

"The levels themselves are well designed and thus bring with some difficulties. So one has to not only roll over bridges or platforms, but also overcome huge canyons or escape enemies"

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"The first thing that caught my attention were the graphics, which mix 3-D with the pixelated look. The game is powered by the Unreal Engine, so the 3-D is actually done very well. Everything from our spiky friend to the colorful and vibrant environments, to the cubed enemies, will look great on your Retina iDevices."

"The whole game is very colorful and can make similar like other games of this type "addicted"."

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4 Stars out of 4

"Sphoxie is a game that seems at first glance a bit odd and frumpy. But once the ball starts to move and the first lines are completed, you can no longer put it down. Absolute addictive!"

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 "Sphoxie was quite a difficult game, but in a good hard. In this game you will need to think before you jump off the platform, you also have to think of ways to avoid the fate of being eaten.  Sphoxie. If 3-D platformers are your favorite genres of games, then do not miss Sphoxie."

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